Here are some of my current works, some of them are also available through Amazon Kindle Unlimited.


What makes it pop?
We all have our little secrets, our moments of joy only we know about. But what happens when they get exposed? Read Sasha’s story, a young woman unfit for the modern tech life finding love.

Sasha is like a Swiss clock, always on time to work, always at the same time out to get lunch. She, of all her friends, doesn’t believe in technology, hates it even. She prefers sending letters, handwriting, which makes her friends roll their eyes. Her life lacks the corporate world glamour, her social life is a mess and thus her love life is – well, non-existent. Surely, there must be someone out there right for her, but will she ever get to meet him?

The Last Man

If you could, would you give others some of your time? But who’s time is more valuable? Who’s existence is more precious and important? And who decides upon these matters? Doctor K, bound to do good by oath, goes beyond his duty and is about to discover some of the answers to these questions. It’s a zero sum game.


My first thriller, and it’s a thrill

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Spark: A short story

A short story with a cat

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