Here are some of my current works, some of them are also available through Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

The Inbound Marketing Playbook

Not necessarily a thriller, but it was a thrill to write.

“Written from a practitioner’s POV with real examples”, as one reviewer said. I put together this playbook to help people overcome the first hurdles in developing and executing their inbound marketing strategies.

This book is about how you can start your inbound approach, how you can sharply make the turn to a customer centric strategy, towards relevance, towards standing tall, different and attractive in an ocean of similarities. 

While many bits and pieces are out there, this book provides an overview and real-life examples and how-to’s, so you can get right to it. 

Or if you are already working on an inbound strategy, you’ll find here some tips and tricks, insights to help you move further.

Teddy – A Short Story

Every night they spend their time building castles in the sand, and by the time sun rises, they go to sleep. It’s the best possible way for a father and his son to bond, to tell stories and just be together. 

Every day, as Simon passes by the kids playing with the sand castles, he tells them Teddy would be so happy to play together. He’s very happy though – they both are – that kids enjoy their creations, even without them.

This could go on forever, but Sandy, the mother, wants to leave the island, and that changes everything.

Pablo’s Masterpiece

Art is the ultimate form of expression, a reason to exist, still some artists never get to show the world their best works. Or even worse, many artists don’t live to see their work appreciated. And there is Pablo, with his energy, dedication, on fast track to fame, working on what he has called himself – The Masterpiece. 

This is the story of an artist so involved and dedicated to his work, so immersed in his creations that he completely leaves everything else for later. Knowing fame as a young artist, his bold, eccentric style brought him a lot of attention and fans. Every time he unveiled a new work, it wasthe event, it was the place to be for art lovers, critiques and everyone else who wanted to be there just because it was posh.

Pablo’s Masterpiece however is something out-of-this-world, as the artist himself has called it. And the event must be as great as the piece itself, and people must not just see it, but experience it. It is the greatest moment in the art world, and you should not attend, too. It’s no ordinary art! 


What makes it pop?
We all have our little secrets, our moments of joy only we know about. But what happens when they get exposed? Read Sasha’s story, a young woman unfit for the modern tech life finding love.

Sasha is like a Swiss clock, always on time to work, always at the same time out to get lunch. She, of all her friends, doesn’t believe in technology, hates it even. She prefers sending letters, handwriting, which makes her friends roll their eyes. Her life lacks the corporate world glamour, her social life is a mess and thus her love life is – well, non-existent. Surely, there must be someone out there right for her, but will she ever get to meet him?

The Last Man

If you could, would you give others some of your time? But who’s time is more valuable? Who’s existence is more precious and important? And who decides upon these matters? Doctor K, bound to do good by oath, goes beyond his duty and is about to discover some of the answers to these questions. It’s a zero sum game.


My first thriller, and it’s a thrill

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Spark: A short story

A short story with a cat

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