The Last Man

A Short Story If you could, would you give others some of your time? But who’s time is more valuable? Who’s existence is more precious and important? And who decides upon these matters? Dr. K, bound to do good by oath, goes beyond his duty and is about to discover some of the answers to these questions. Time has fascinated me since childhood, and different schools of thought tried to explain the way time flows, or on the contrary, that it doesn’t but we move along. Some theorists say it’s a continuum. What I can say is that it’s a … Continue reading The Last Man

Where do ideas come from?

I was checking my Goodreads author section and noticed some questions. One of them was about ideas, and where I got them from. I will extrapolate a bit, and talk about where inspiration for some writings comes from. I would say it’s what they call a flow state, when you are in the right mindset and the writing just happens. Words come out, fit well, and it’s like a waltz. Although I can’t dance, I very much appreciate the sync between the dancers, and the way they seem to float around, perfectly timed with the music. It’s pretty much the … Continue reading Where do ideas come from?

Spark: A short story

Short stories a great way to enter, for a moment, into characters’ lives. This takes place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It couldn’t have happened anywhere else, since Spark lives there. And so do Sami and Anouk. It’s a story about two girls, a bike, a camera and the café around the corner. Every day they meet and go through the best pictures taken during the ride to work – people, their dogs, instants. But what happens when things start to pop up in her bike’s basket? And what has Spark, the neighbour’s cat have to do with anything? There is … Continue reading Spark: A short story


This is my first novel, and the first in a series of three. Halloween tells the story of Peter Weiss, an average man, with no hero abilities, with a bit of a dull life. But as life has it, it’s not entirely up to him. Peter Weiss did not think of his life as dull, but his days were all the same. His relationship with his fiancée Aurora was good, his job as a trader paid off, the now and again vacation was alright. And he liked it so, routine was his middle name.  Until that Halloween night, when all hell broke loose. In … Continue reading Halloween