Where do ideas come from?

One must start somewhere.

I was checking my Goodreads author section and noticed some questions. One of them was about ideas, and where I got them from. I will extrapolate a bit, and talk about where inspiration for some writings comes from.

I would say it’s what they call a flow state, when you are in the right mindset and the writing just happens. Words come out, fit well, and it’s like a waltz. Although I can’t dance, I very much appreciate the sync between the dancers, and the way they seem to float around, perfectly timed with the music. It’s pretty much the same state, only instead of a dance floor, there is a keyboard and an empty doc.

What I believe is most inspiring is life itself, with it’s excesses, paradoxes, moments of greatness and lows. Sometimes, I get this feeling that there isn’t even a need to imagine things, as they might have already happened somewhere, to someone. But let’s call it fiction, as even if it starts from reality, it then moves to imagination.

Bits and pieces of everyday life trigger a chain of events, at least that happens in my short stories, and they always start from very mundane situations, growing into something personal and to put it as one of my dear readers said – take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Which I hope to accomplish with my writings.

Happy reading!

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